Moby - Novio (Click here to DL song)

I had a weird dream last night. I was somewhere with a bunch of work people...I believe it was somewhere in NYC. I am not sure what we all were doing I presume it was some kind of work? All the sudden Moby made an appearance in my dream. He came with a bunch of video equipment and was setting something up. Apparently QVC (where I work) had invited him on some show and we humiliated him by making some cheesy video (something we did through editing). He was here now to get us back by making a video of us....Okay I know this is boring. Anyway...I was so excited and intimidated by Moby but all the sudden I pulled him aside and said "dude, why are you doing this...this is dumb, rise above it...your awesome...nobody can ruin your reputation..." It was like I was just talking sense into a friend. I felt really good after I did it.....I am not sure what all that means....The weirder thing is when I played shuffle on itunes today...Moby - Novio was the first song to play. I guess thats why I think it means something. Anyway, this is the song.

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You're a crackhead. Luv, T-bone