It is myth
that Amazons chopped off one breast
to make room for the strap of the labyrice.
It is not a myth that womyn sacrifice, nor that bodies are
Sometimes, we surrender the feminine for the fight, shift the
weight of progress to our hips
And balance guns like babies.
That is no myth, that is survival.
My father once said he believed myth propagated the species,
That the urge to believe was mostly stronger than belief itself
and so survival
Was belief in myth.
The lump in my sister’s breast has led her to believe
that her breasts are unreliable.
Still, she would rather have two.
She wonders who would be qualified to erase one half of her
And what sort of weapon they would choose.
My father was the first to suggest that lesbianism was a weapon.
He said“For the most part, bodies are inconvenient,
at least lesbian bodies are political.”
It was convenient that I found breasts lovely.
My sister asks if she would be lovely with only one breast.
I tell her “yes,That bodies are political,”
I tell her “yes, that sacrifice is progress.”
She tells me “yes, that is your myth.”
She tells me “this is my survival.”

Alix Olson - "Myth"

Every time this song/spoken word plays on my ipod, it gets me thinking. Last night on the way home from work it played....And I started to think about "Myth" and how we all want to believe in something. It makes us feel safe. God, heaven, the spirits of our dead relatives, faith...Its all a "Myth" but we feel comfort in thinking about these things. Is survival...belief in Myth? Without myth, when we die, aren't we alone? So I believe in "Myth" so I won't be alone? Isn't fear of being alone just fear of oneself? I don't know, it just got me thinking....


talana said...

Well Jessi,
First, we ALL die alone. Regardless of what we accomplish or believe in.I think that people do need to believe in something spiritual to give them direction while living on this earth. With that said, do you think that myth is a fear of being alone or the fear of death itself?

JessieBeats said...

I am thinking belief in "Myth" is fear of death. Translation: God = fear of death.

Talana said...

so does that mean God=Myth?

JessieBeats said...

Yes, Thats right God=Myth....I wanted to get around actually saying that, but there it is!

talana said...

going along w/what you're saying, here's some food for thought....

JessieBeats said...

Thanks, I'll check it out! Do you think anyone reads my blog besides you? Am I spending all my free time just entertaining you?